Atrium Installation

WP+A is pleased to showcase our project completion of 155 Gordon Baker with Crown Property Management.

With the facelift and renovation, the public space now boasts a modern clean interior architectural statement. The 80 foot high atrium now features the dynamic mobile designed and installed in coordination with Eventscape. Below is a time lapse video of the installation.

The goal of the design was to draw tenants to the building centre and provide collaborative interactive space within the  glassed atrium ceiling. Serpentine seating in brilliant orange and the 22 whimsical electric blue petals suspended within the 5 storey space, provide both the centre and focus of the renovation.

Elevator Lobby and Building Entrance

The building entrances and elevator lobbies were addressed with new ceilings, lighting and appropriate wall materials to highlight the existing architecture and intricate flooring patterns. Feedback has been amazing, full project photos and project description with be posted to our website soon.