Top Left: Office building exterior   Bottom Left and Right: DMC Mining office space under construction

DMC Mining Services new offices visualized just over a year ago are now under construction at the newly completed LEED Building, with Condor Properties  in Vaughan.  Working with the DMC President and their management team, WP+A prepared detailed needs analysis, programming and square footage standards to go to market and find their new home.

As the roughly 25,000 sq.ft. space unfolds, new standards and business practices will take shape to support the inherent philosophies of Founder / President Bill Shaver and the senior engineering group. As many successful firms “rethink the office”,” the objectives are to improve collaboration and cut costs”.

See The Globe and Mail article Rethinking The Office

The developed program incorporates the companies identified growth within their existing foot print, however the ability to live through a phased renovation within their existing premises was difficult to manage and became cost prohibitive. Relocation will happen late  March and staff are excited, as the transformation to daylight and open office take shape.