Pictured above: Elevator Lobby, Reception Area, and Bistro at Revera Living’s The Annex location.

Ergonomics and universal accessibility are key knowledge factors within interior design to ensure the welfare and safety of all occupants. As the Boomer generation ages, these identified issues become critical to the physical, functional and cognitive experiences of the occupant.

Working through many of these identified issues has made us acutely aware of the knowledge gap that exists in the marketplace with respect to design for the aging population.

Westparks+Associates has been working with Revera, one of North America’s foremost providers of accommodation, care and services for seniors, developing the newly published Design Standard Manuals for  Revera facilities across Canada. Over the last two years, we have worked hand in hand with Interior Designer Pat deRonde of Revera on the ergonomic knowledge and universal accessibility needs for material finish and furnishing specification for seniors in their built environment.

Using this knowledge we have just completed the most up to date renovation to Revera’s “The Annex” location at 123 Spadina Rd., Toronto, pictured above.