Project Description

Crown Property Management             155 Gordon Baker Rd., Public Spaces

The project mandate was to create a fresh, modern environment for the 35+ year old building’s  interior public space.

The facelift and renovation concept implemented by WP+A, boasts a clean modern architectural statement, enhancing the existing environment with new functional detail and material application.

The WP+A vision was to draw tenants to the building centre and provide collaborative interactive space within the multi- storey visually accessible daylit atrium.

The 80 foot glassed ceiling atrium, now showcases the dynamic mobile designed and installed in coordination with Eventscape. Serpentine seating in brilliant orange and the 22 whimsical electric blue petals suspended within the 5 storey space, from a developed space frame, provide both the centre and focus of the renovation.  The organic pattern of seating, carpet and mobile are juxtaposed against the linear floor and structural elements.

The Building Entrances and Elevator Lobbies were addressed with new ceilings, lighting and appropriate wall materials to highlight the existing architecture and intricate large scale flooring patterns.

The success of transformation was in recognizing the architectural framework and providing a definitive interactive sculptural environment within the defined boundaries. This energized environment is delightfully shared with occupants and visitors alike.