Project Description

York Region Administration Building

Capital Projects for this 459,000 sq. ft. municipal facility, required assessment of the public space, signage and flooring within the renowned Canadian Architect Douglas Cardinal Building.

WP+A was hired to review and audit all areas, preparing a report to address existing conditions with new optional recommendations that accounted for maintenance, wearability, environmental qualities, acoustics, Ontario Disabilities Act (ODA) issues and budget. Over a 3.5 year/$2M budget program, this was presented, staged and implemented.

Flooring pattern and materials were developed for the Great Hall to integrate with the 4-storey architectural atrium. Development of Council Chamber/Municipal signage and acoustic treatment were installed, with seating areas within the naturally lit public spaces developed as breakout areas for staff and public. The elevator towers were painted to integrate with signage and ODA criteria.

Feedback from staff, public and the original architectural team has been extremely positive. WP+A met the Region’s criteria and enhanced the original intention of this architecturally distinct community facility.