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FPRO Award for 35 Walmer

We are thrilled to announce Starlight Investments Award for Westparks+Associates,  Lobby renovation of 35 Walmer Rd., at the FPRO MAC Awards Gala held on December 1st, 2016. The Gala […]

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155 Gordon Baker Digital Directory

Ongoing progress as the Crown Property Management Offices and digital Tenant Directory wall are completed and integrated into the Atrium vision. The selection and application of materials supports the […]

155 Gordon Baker Completion

Atrium Installation
WP+A is pleased to showcase our project completion of 155 Gordon Baker with Crown Property Management.

With the facelift and renovation, the public space now boasts a modern clean […]

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“Space shapes behaviour. Behaviour over time equals culture… Space is a strategic lever whose time has come.”

The cubicled, desk-top computer oriented offices of the past are increasingly being replaced by those of collaborative environments and mobile technologies. This movement has been in the making for […]

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Update of Public Space – 155 Gordon Baker Rd.

Working with Crown Property Management, Eventscape and PCS Project & Construction Management, we are excited to show the ongoing progress of renovation for the public space at 155 Gordon […]

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