Top left: Upgrading balconies  Bottom left: Upgraded facade  Middle: Lobby under construction  Right: Lobby nearing completion

We are excited to be part of Starlight Developments, Renovation and Project Team as we move through the interior finishing of 24 Leith Hill, Toronto. The Wellesley St. and St. Joseph buildings have started construction renovations based on our developed concepts, with the 4 residential apartment buildings at Yonge & Clarke, Markham under construction tender this month.

Our  cohesive concept includes upgrades to all public areas including Building Entrances, Lobbies, Elevators,Tenant Suite Entrances and Corridors. In some cases integrated Gym facilities are introduced to attract the younger client.

Concepts address exterior glazing and lighting with materials and finish applications to reflect clean, modern aesthetics. As the competition in the residential rental market heats up, with the ongoing condo market investment boom, more and more residential buildings must address their aging facilities to keep with market trends and client demands.